Do you have to use the body shop the insurance company recommends? And other frequently asked questions.

No. You don’t have to use the body shop that the insurance company recommended. The choice is yours — by law. Most insurance companies have repair contracts with body shops.

B & B is a direct repair shop for some of the top auto insurance companies who have negotiated contracts. B & B meets the insurance company’s equipment and training requirements. Insurance companies will also require their shop to provide a lifetime warranty.

Again, the choice is yours.

Overall, whether it’s the insurance company’s recommended shop or your shop of choice, it is important that you choose a repair shop that you feel confident in.

Ask friends, family and co-workers for recommendations…and you’ll hear the name B & B Body Shop all over town!


I already have an estimate from an insurance company, do I need an estimate from B&B Body Shop?

No.  If an insurance company has already written an estimate on your vehicle, just bring in a copy of the estimate or provide the insurance claim number to B&B and we’ll perform the repairs using the estimate.  It does not matter if any damage that was part of the accident wasn’t addressed by the estimate, any additional damage would be supplemented.  This is why it is important to provide a copy of the estimate and/or claim number.


•Does B & B Body Shop have a lifetime warranty?

Yes.  We have always offered a lifetime warranty on all our workmanship and refinishing.  If you are not satisfied with your car, we will repair it.


•Does B & B Body Shop have experience working on my type of car?

B & B has worked on more than 40,000 cars over the last 20 years. We have experience repairing all makes and models.


•How long has B & B been in business?

For 21 years, since 1993, B & B Body Shop has been providing expert care and repair.  We have worked on more than 40,000 cars of all makes and models.  We have been in Sharpsburg offering a full lifetime warranty.  Most of our business has come from “word of mouth” friends telling friends about their great experience.


•What is the likelihood that the estimate will go up once the repairs have started?

B & B will be very thorough and provide the best possible estimate.  In cases of unseen damage, which would be more likely in a severe collision, there may be an occasion for a revision to the original estimate.   But this would be discussed when discovered with both the insurance provider and you, the customer.